name: Ashley Christopher

occupation:current  nanny. previous server. love both.

degree: secondary social science education, political science focus. obtained June 2012 at Wright State University.

location: Cincinnati. laid back neighborhood. handsome roommate.

interests: books. good television. well made movies that make me think, or cry. coffee. tea. my cat’s inner thoughts. blue and white dishes. driving aimlessly around my new city. silver picture frames. thrift stores. records. finding new restaurants. locating the best donuts in whatever city I happen to be in.

goals: be the best version of myself. find the perfect reading chair for our bedroom. delve deeper into the things that interest me. meet mark duplass. travel more. go back to school – for who-knows-what.

things I like to read about: growing up. the south. world war II. france. the future. other worlds. true stories. real people. characters overcoming adversity. weird stuff. monsters.

pictures I find pleasing:

049zach & I at our favorite neighborhood deli. 016085


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